I am Melissa Fritz, I am a wife and mother of 2 school age girls, living in the Lodi/Woodbridge community.  This Class was started by Lisa and Todd Hillstrom when their adult son was a toddler, Beth Fox took it over while her daughters were young. After having my first daughter I was encouraged to  take Beth's class. There I  was able to meet others with kids my kids age. I was new to Lodi and didn't know many others with babies or toddlers. I came to Kids in Tune with the hopes of giving my baby some fun and left with friends for both of us. When Beth's girls went to school and she went back to work I decided to take the class over. Now, 6 years later, I am happy to still be offering this class to the Lodi community. In 2022, Grace Presbyterian Village was not only able to provide a space for me to continue my classes but they have been nothing but supportive of my mission to provide this outreach to an underservd age in our community. With their support I am able to continue to offer this class at an affordable rate. 


Hope to see you in class!